Friday, November 27, 2015

Going Back: An Unexpected Adventure

"If we would only see that all limitations are self-imposed and chosen out of fear, we would leap at once."  ~Adyashanti

Turns out my dog is a badass.  I think she was as surprised as I was.

The long awaited visit to The House on the Rock was imminent and we all loaded up for a full days outing.  The decision was made to make a visit to Pewit's Nest (one of the beautiful nature areas Liz frequents) on the way in order to get some pictures and give Mischief a chance to run before her long wait in the car.  

We arrived at the park and wandered down to the stream.  It was a stunning little river valley with a steep narrow gorge and, being a warm weekend day at the end of summer, full of people enjoying the park.  

Mischief happily splashes in the cool water.

We hiked the short way up to the top of the gorge to get a few shot and discovered a pack of thrill seekers warming up to do some slack-lining and diving into the pool below.  The cliff was quite high (30-40' according to the internet) and the opening narrow.  I immediately started taking shots of them and promising copies, and Mischief made fast friends with the lot of them.

The group as we found them, hanging out on a steep path just above the thick root that served as the diving board.

 And the slack-liner of course.

I promised a series of shots of the backflip dive he was warming up for...

At this point Mischief got excited and started down the steep hill to follow him...  you can see her ears as she came into the shot.

The next moment I will never forget for the rest of my life...

Mischief started scrabbling down the hill and as I shouted frantically for her to stop she lost her footing and we all watched in horror as she fell sideways out of sight through the foliage hiding the view of the drop. 

I screamed and turned to scramble up the cliff so I could sprint down to where she fell as we heard the splash of her landing. One of the girls was just above me and she reached for my camera so I could run unencumbered.  I gratefully thrust my camera into her hands as I turned and at that moment we heard a voice shout happily from below "Shes OK!"  A relieved cheer burst from the crowd and before I knew it she was back at the top (with the help of our new friends) and ready to go again!

Before this all started Liz had gone back down to get a different view of the cliff diving and saw it all from below.  Turns out, just after she disappeared through the foliage she managed to catch an out thrust rock and launch herself off the cliff in a more controlled dive.  From below, with her slip being hidden from the foliage, it apparently appeared intentional all along.  It wasn't until she came back up to join us at the top that she realized it was not and was subsequently as shaken as the rest of us. 

Mischief was now a hero and a bad ass and was subsequently secured to a tree until we moved on as she was waaay to eager to repeat her stunt!  It took me about an hour to calm down.

Mischief the hero bad ass getting loves from the shaken witnesses.

 The slack-lining attempt.  He unfortunately didn't get much further than this.

 Kody the Kliffdiver who Mischief followed into the abyss.

The whole crew posing with Mischief before we moved on.

We continued on the path to the other side of the gorge and let Mischief run off her adrenaline while we took some shots of the incredible scenes around us and I got my own adrenaline under control.

 And with that crazy terrifying experience behind us, we headed back to the car and continued on to The House on the Rock...

Monday, November 16, 2015

Jumping Ahead

"What a long strange trip it's been." ~The Grateful Dead

Hi, sorry for my long absence!  I was starting to write a quick summary of everything up til now with a promise to go back and I decided it would not do the experience justice.  I want you to experience it as it happened without previews.  So you'll just have to wait :D  teeheehee...

ANYWAY...Today I'm going to start with arriving here in NY/NJ and go from there.  

We finally arrived at the home of my wonderful friend +Elsa S. Henry and her husband on Monday evening the 9th of November.  

A pretty park in the center of Morristown, NJ.

The next couple days were full of the usual emotional rollercoaster of looking for work/housing interspersed with walking Mischief and Elsa's dog Julep and taking them for a crazy fun romp at a neighbors house with their dog (who's name I'm blanking on right now...bailey maybe?).

 Mischief and Julep playing ball.


A few things worked out right away.  I had my orientation with Postmates Friday and started work Saturday evening.  But first I attended my first NYC Drink and Click!  I got to see some familiar faces and meet some new folks and even got to eat at the famous Lombardi's Pizza!  

mmmm pizza

Some photographers will do whatever it takes to get the shot.

We even had models!

Between Saturday evening and Sunday I worked 16 hours with Postmates and wandered all over lower Manhattan.  In case you don't know, Postmates is an on demand courier company that delivers just about anything and everything (though so far I've only delivered food).  The best part about it is I get to wander all over the city seeing cool things and snatching an awesome photo here and there, getting A TON of exercise, and GET PAID FOR IT!!!   Not gonna lie.  Its kinda addicting.  Here are a few of the shots I've been able to get just in the last couple days working with Postmates:

I swear he was about to jump on me!

Washington Square was solemn Sunday night.

Today I started out going to an interview with a construction monitoring company called Saltus LLC thanks to an amazing friend I made after the Postmates meeting on Friday.  She had decided after 2 minutes of chatting on the way to the bathroom that I was awesome and worthy of a recommendation.  She called her boss on the spot and set up the interview for me.  If that wasn't enough she took me across the street to a coffee shop, bought me lunch, and introduced me to the hiring manager there who wants me to send her my resume...

I mean...
like seriously...

The only thing that hasn't gone unbelievably well is housing.  But then, its NYC.  Not even I am that charmed...except...

I managed to find one listing among the countless scams (holy cow its nuts!) that was legit and among all the other things I accomplished on Friday, I went to see the place.  Looked good enough, newly renovated apt share in Brooklyn.  Downside: living with 2 other people I've never met in a relatively tiny apartment, Upside: finding a dog friendly place in Brooklyn I can afford!!  Now if only I can get approved...

Right now I sit in the Brooklyn Public Library officially "on duty" with Postmates and awaiting the siren's call of a job awaiting.  Also awaiting the call from the rental company to see if any of the rooms are still available...any minute now...