Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Time to go!

                                                                                                                       ~Bilbo Baggins

Short and salty update:  Almost time to go!

After several bus engine issues and scares I am about ready to go.  This week I am cleaning out my storage unit and hitting the road! 

The schedule as planned so far:
I will be heading Northeast stopping (possibly) in Atlanta, GA Friday night to visit a friend, then on to Charlotte, NC Saturday to visit a bunch more friends.  Landing in Lenore, NC to paint, quilt, photo, geocache, pokemon, find snow, and otherwise cause mischief (with Mischief of course) through February.  I'll be heading back south in March for the God-kids birthdays (all 3 are in March, I'm certain that was planned for my benefit).  I will then be tooling around the northwest Florida area for a bit until its time to head east for the next Photo Scavenger Hunt Meetup in Orlando (late May) and then...NW perhaps?  We shall seeeeeee.......

See you on the road!