Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Bus Conversion Part 3: Ok lets try that again

"To err is nature, to rectify error is glory."
                                                        ~ George Washington

I do try to learn from my mistakes.  As I mentioned in the last blog post, I decided to cut the windows out of the old sheet metal ceiling panels for better weather resistance.  Problem is they still needed a backing as the metal was not rigid enough on its own.  So yes, I did back them with wood BUT this time it was treated wood with an extra couple coats of Rustoleum just in case, and no part of the wood is exposed to the air.  Seems to be working out better this time :)

Cutting the  wood backing...

All lined up and painted!

My work table.  It was white when I bought it, I swear!

Time for the other side...

Using Flexshot for EVERYTHING!  They ought to give me a sponsorship considering how much of the stuff I use!

Now that the side windows are finished again it's time to start on the back.

Holy geez, what is that screw made out of!?!  That was a quality screwdriver!!!

Door had to come off for reasons.

And one of those reasons is all the crazy rust on the hinges!

Better to paint it now before I put the window panels in.

And some fresh black paint on the hinges too.

So pretty :D

A ways to go on the paint job but it's starting to come together!

About this time between work, grinding the roof bolts, and cutting all those panels out by hand, the arthritis in my hands went into overdrive and my wonderful bestie +Sierrena Wheat took over the cutting to give my hands a rest.

Somehow I failed to get a picture of the back once it was all finished so I'll have to add that to a later post but for now I have to get back to work...

Stay tuned for Bus Conversion Part 4:  Sub floor!