Sunday, May 8, 2016

The next adventure is about to begin!

A ship in the harbor is safe
but that's not what ships are for.
                                  ~John A. Shedd

A handful of weeks ago I was returning from a crazy whirlwind trip to Pensacola by way of Charlotte, NC and I had an epiphany.  I realized I was happiest when I had the freedom to roam.  I also realized the best way I could achieve that would be to create a mobile living arrangement and free myself from the constraints of a lease and all that comes with it.  

The beginnings of an idea began to form in my mind.  I started to research.  I got discouraged.  I researched some more.  I got excited.  I researched even more and I got a plan.  I needed to find a vehicle that I could convert to a livable space but that I could reasonably afford.  Also it needed to be small enough that I could still drive around and park in the city.  The solution was everywhere around me.  In traffic every morning and afternoon and parked on the streets in every neighborhood.  

It didn't take me long to find a supplier, and once I settled on a specific one with the help of the lovely salesperson, I just needed to gather the funds.  All of the financing options listed on the company's website were for business only so I turned to my bank.  It was a shot in the dark and I didn't expect it to work but I went ahead and applied for the loan.  Worst they could do is say no, right?  

Within hours they had responded asking for some clarification.  I called them back and answered some questions.  They said there was a good chance (Woah, seriously?!?!) and I'd get a final answer within 24 hours....

Ladies and gents, I'd like to introduce you to the official next step in my adventure!!!

 The full conversion will take some time but I promise to take you along for that ride as well and fully document every step.  Conversion begins in roughly 2 weeks...:D